Monsoon Capital LLC

(Asia-Pacific Systematic 1X)

Fund Investment Objectives

Monsoon Asia-Pacific Systematic Program (MAPS) is a pan-Asia systematic absolute return strategy implemented across 11 Asia-Pacific equity market indices. MAPS targets Absolute Returns while maximizing the MAR ratio (annualized return/max drawdown). MAPS screens for uncorrelated returns and strong risk/return metrics at the system-level, thereby producing attractive investment characteristics at the portfolio level. MAPS seeks to perform well in normal and extreme market conditions, providing tail risk insurance and portfolio diversification benefits. The program invests in liquid equity index futures across the following Asia-Pacific markets: Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Japan, Australia and Singapore. MAPS currently utilizes 13 distinct trading models across 11 Asian indices, producing a total of 36 trading systems. Portfolio allocations are based on a proprietary weighting methodology using multiple system-level factors (including MAR, correlation of returns, and correlation of monthly losses among systems) which provide greater weight to low drawdown systems and vice versa.