MW Japan

Gekirin Fund A USD

Fund Investment Objectives

The MW Japan Gekirin Fund seeks to provide investors with absolute returns primarily through investing and trading in Japanese equities and equity-related instruments. The Fund has a degree of asset class flexibility and will, at times, maintain positions in Japanese bond, currency and credit default swaps for both investment and hedging purposes. The strategy targets a range of equity alpha opportunities in Japan at the single stock, sector, and style level. Equity alpha generation is driven primarily by fundamentally-based stock selection focused on monetising the re-pricing potential of changes in company fundamentals. In addition, positions in FX, JGBs and CDS are used to provide asymmetric risk-reward hedges and profit opportunities as these instruments re-price in response to shifts in Japan's macroeconomic and policy status quo. The management of asset class exposure is dynamic and driven in part by MW GaveKal's proprietary asset allocation methodology. AUM is not provided. Minimum investment is in EUR.