North MaxQ

Fund Investment Objectives

The North MaxQ Macro Fund is a global macro hedge fund that seeks to generate absolute returns of 12% to 15% per annum (net of fees) over a market cycle. The returns are very uncorrelated to other global macro managers, the broad hedge fund universe and primary interest rate, foreign exchange and equity indices. The investment manager identifies micro-economic and country specific imbalances to develop views and corresponding trading strategies. These strategies provide a diverse source of alpha and are expressed through thematic, relative value and counter-trend exposures. The exposures are constructed to offer the best asymmetric payoff, while minimizing expected correlations and providing protection against downside gap-risk. The investment manager prefers to take risk across a number of different strategies rather than allocating most of the risk to a few large macro trades. Risk is monitored in real-time at the strategy and portfolio level and stop-loss limits are established at the inception of each trade.