Northside Trading, LLC

(Diversified Portfolio)

Fund Investment Objectives

NORTHSIDE TRADING's program is based on a portfolio of diversified futures, trends, volatility and money management. The underlying premise of NT's approach is that commodity interests will, from time to time, enter into periods of major price change to either a higher or lower level. These price changes are known as trends, which have been observed and recorded since the beginning of market history. There is every reason to believe that in free markets prices will continue to trend. The trading approach used by NT is designed to exploit these price moves. Volatility can be described as the speed or range of a market and represents risk. During periods of high volatility prices move quickly and in a wide range thus creating a high-risk environment. Waiting for the market to calm down has shown better test results over the long term. Low volatility can also mean high risk. A market moving too slowly many times will just meander and create losses. NT employs a volatility algorithm that measure and trades normal volatility. The trading approach relies heavily on the disciplined management of risk. In evaluating the various factors that make up a trading decision, the system pays close attention to each trade's risk-reward potential and whether it adheres to the account's overall trading goals. Stop orders are used to control risk.