Old Mutual Global Equity

Absolute Return EUR I Class

Fund Investment Objectives

Objective * Achieve absolute returns that have a low correlation with equity and bond markets over a rolling 12 month period through a portfolio of long and short global equities. The fund targets volatility of 6% and has an expected return of cash +6%. Investment Strategy * Utilises five complementary stock selection criteria, providing exposure to the main drivers of investment return. Relative contribution of the stock selection criteria is weighted utilising our proprietary dynamic allocation tool which assesses the 'market environment'. * Long and short positions are selected from a universe of the top 1/3 of the 10,000 MSCI stocks ranked by market cap and that meet strict liquidity requirements. * Stocks are ranked by attractiveness, using our "return forecasting model" which incorporates a range of fundamental and technical investment signals, or "return factors". This is combined with rigorous risk controls and a trade cost model before being subjected to an optimisation process in order to generate a well-diversified portfolio with the highest expected level of return for the required level of risk. * Transparent, disciplined, objective investment approach based on past economic/market relationships. It is sustainable, repeatable and free from behavioural biases. * Benefits from continuous enhancement through an on-going programme of research into evolving market conditions and investment insights. AUM reflects the aggregate of the various share classes and is denominated in USD.