Omni Macro

Fund I Limited

Fund Investment Objectives

The Omni Macro Fund follows a discretionary macro strategy that seeks to capitalise on global macro themes. The Fund is committed to achieving opportunistic returns whilst limiting downside risk through robust risk management guidelines and procedures. Significant expertise is placed on the preservation of capital through portfolio construction, disciplined trading acumen and exposure guidelines. Portfolio investments are expressed across multiple asset classes, such as commodities, foreign exchange, fixed income and stock indices. There are five core considerations in the development of the macroeconomic view: supply, demand, money/credit, mass psychology and individual psychology. The rationale for trades is a result of the extensive fundamental and technical analysis we undertake. Implementing the macro view capitalises on essential trade execution skills such as sizing, timing and risk management. Investable themes in the portfolio tend to be medium to long-term in duration and are broken down into cycles within these periods. Core trades are generally positioned on the medium-term, with the Fund actively trading around these core views opportunistically. Preservation of capital is key to the Fund's investment approach. This is possible only through the use of a proactive approach to risk management. Therefore, the Fund invests almost exclusively in products and markets that provide superior liquidity under any market conditions. Typically, over 90% of the portfolio can be liquidated in one global business day. AUM reflects Strategy Assets.