Opus Point Healthcare

Innovations Fund

Fund Investment Objectives

Opus Point Healthcare Innovations Fund, L.P. is a long/short equity hedge fund that invests primarily in U.S. healthcare companies, particularly those engaged in biotechnology and life sciences. The fund has a long bias with typical net exposure expected to be approximately 75% - 125%. The objective of the Fund is to achieve superior absolute returns. In an effort to achieve its investment objectives, the Investment Team will apply its extensive scientific, medical and regulatory knowledge and operational expertise to identify both long and short investment opportunities in healthcare. The Investment Manager believes that innovations in healthcare have the ability to transform the quality and duration of life and that this transformation will be one of the most significant and investable opportunities over the next 20 years. Accordingly, the Investment Manager believes a long-bias approach with a long-term outlook is the optimal way to capture the enormous growth potential of the healthcare sector.