Orchard Grove Asset Mgmt

(Active - Diversified (LBCR))

Fund Investment Objectives

ORCHARD GROVE ACTIVE DIVERSIFIED (LOWER BROKERAGE COMMISSION RATE (LBCR)) is an absolute return, diversified market futures trading program. It trades systematically with a risk management overlay from the deep experience and extensive research of its Principals. The strategy uses technical analysis to identify patterns and capture short-term swings of 0 to 3 days in duration. A hallmark of the program is its diversification by focusing on a basket of diverse exchange-traded futures markets and applying a extensive library of patterns. The Orchard Grove Active Diversified Trading Program provides an attractive opportunity for those looking for an investment with the following features: 1) Highly diversified commodity futures exposure, 2) Margin efficiency through short-term duration of 0-3 days and ~4 - 6% margin to equity, 3) Tight risk management of ~0.40% per trade, 4) Low fees, and 5) Diversified trading strategies (combination of trend, mean reversion and momentum).