P/E Investments (FX Strategy

- Standard)

Fund Investment Objectives

The FX STANDARD program is unique in its use of a systematic dynamic process utilizing a Bayesian statistical approach. The program invests in all major currencies by constructing an optimized portfolio that maximizes return for a given volatility level. Specifically, the FX program utilizes several fundamental factors to forecast returns for each currency on a weekly basis. These forecasted returns are combined with the current volatilities and correlations to determine positions in each market that will yield a targeted risk level and maximum return. The process is systematic and therefore reliable and the process is dynamic. Each variable is re-weighted depending on its effectiveness. As variables become more effective they increase in weighting and as they become less useful, their weighting is automatically reduced. In summary, the FX program is disciplined dynamic systematic fundamental process that is risk managed to a risk level designated by the client. AUM represents all assets traded by P/E Investments FX Strategy.