Park City Capital Partners,


Fund Investment Objectives

Park City Capital Partners, LP is a value-oriented, research driven hedge fund that employs a long/short equity investment strategy to produce superior long-term returns. The partnership's objective is to achieve high absolute rates of return while minimizing the risk of capital loss over market cycles. Park City Capital opportunistically capitalizes on inefficiencies in sectors and industries within which it has significant expertise and relationships. Opportunistic value-oriented investment style based on rigorous bottoms-up fundamental analysis and intense channel checks. Focus on buying under appreciated companies with significant growth opportunities, improving fundamentals, predictable revenue and strong free cash flow. Reduce market risk and volatility by shorting overvalued securities with declining fundamentals or flawed business models. While psychological and technical factors impact securities, Park City believes that fundamentals determine value over the longer term. By taking a longer term view and performing rigorous bottoms-up fundamental analysis, Park City intends to capitalize on short-term inefficiencies and situations to provide its investors with superior long-term returns. Fund AUM reflects Strategy assets.