Pictet Global Megatrend

Selection I EUR

Fund Investment Objectives

The Pictet Global Megatrend Selection Fund seeks capital growth by investing at least two thirds of its assets in shares or equity-related securities issued by companies reflecting investments in Pictet's range of megatrend-based thematic investments, including Agriculture, Biotech, Clean Energy, Digital Communication, Generics, Premium Brands, Security, Timber and Water. Investments are made in accordance with Pictet's nine corresponding open-ended theme funds. In principle, each of the nine themes has an equally fixed portfolio weighting. The weightings of the nine themes will be rebalanced at the end of each month so as to maintain the equal-weighted basis among the themes. The eligible financial instruments are mainly international equities listed on a stock exchange. The sub fund may use financial derivative instruments (FDIs), such as warrants, options or forwards, primarily for efficient portfolio management and / or hedging purposes. However, the sub fund will not use FDIs extensively for investment purposes. AUM is the aggregate of the various share classes and is denominated in EUR.