Polygon Convertible

Opportunity Fund - Class A

Fund Investment Objectives

The investment objective of the Fund to seek superior risk adjusted returns. The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective primarily from investments (directly or indirectly) in or relating to, convertible securities. Investments may be made pursuant to various investment strategies and on the basis of fundamental, quantitative, technical and other security, event or company specific research. Strategies may be established, for example, to capitalize on opportunities in credit, equity or volatility, either on a security specific or relative value basis or within a firm's capital structure. The Fund may also engage in event based strategies focused on refinancing, restructurings, debt or equity repurchases, bankruptcies, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, split-offs, special dividends or other corporate events. There is no limit on the investment strategies which the Investment Managers may utilize for the purpose of seeking to achieve the investment objective. There is also no set allocation between the stated strategies and other strategies that may be employed. The Investment Managers allocate on the basis of risk-return assessment on a trade-by-trade basis in conjunction with the risk management of the overall portfolio. Convertible securities may be in the form of debt securities that can be exchanged for equity interests or preferred equity that can be exchanged for other equity interests. The Fund expects the majority of its investments in, or relating to, convertible securities to be in the form of, or related to, convertible debt securities (i.e., convertible bonds). It should be noted, however, that in addition to convertible securities, the Fund has flexibility to invest in a wide range of instruments, including equities, bonds, interest rate and cross-currency swaps, futures and options on futures, forward rate agreements, caps, floors and swap options, over the counter options, foreign exchange and asset-backed and structured products provided such investments are consistent with the investment objective of the Fund. The Fund may take long or short positions in such securities and investments. The Fund may also retain amounts in cash or cash equivalents pending reinvestment if this is considered appropriate to the investment objective. Firm does not disclose AUM