Preston Capital LLC (Alpha


Fund Investment Objectives

ALPHA HYBRID has a suggested minimum nominal value of $100,000 per unit. The program primarily trades futures, but the Advisor reserves the right to use options on futures for protection, if necessary, in the Advisor's sole discretion. The program looks for opportunities in 30 domestic markets including currencies, energies, financials, grains, indices, meats, metals and softs sectors. Trading opportunities are filtered using two different proprietary market timing models. The program consists of two components; the first is longer term in nature and is associated with a trend following philosophy in an attempt to participate in both up and down major market moves. The second component is short term in nature and focuses on trending trades that typically last less than a week. The main purpose of the short term component is to attempt to capitalize on shorter term market moves and to balance the open equity of the longer term models. The program is managed with proprietary portfolio risk management principles which we believe is our trading edge.