Protec Energy Partners LLC


Fund Investment Objectives

PROTEC ENERGY PARTNERS, LLC employs fundamental and technical investment strategies in an energy commodities portfolio that includes crude oil,heating oil, gasoline and natural gas. The ET1 Program portfolio features a low-to-negative correlation to traditional asset classes and hedge funds. Protec's foundation principle's are based on: 1) Commitment to disciplined risk management, 2) Over 24 years market experience, and 3) Focus on research and development. Protec employs quantitative, options intensive trading strategies in a portfolio of energy futures markets. Portfolio composition, options price valuation and risk management are the three core components of the investment strategy. The rates of return may vary materially among managed accounts due to multiple factors inherent in the ET1 program. This variance, however, is primarily due to longer-term trend-following option positions that existing clients hold in which new clients will not participate. It may take new clients several months to have comparable trading positions.