Purple Valley Capital, Inc.

(Diversified Trend 1)

Fund Investment Objectives

Purple Valley Capital, Inc. ("PVC") is an investment management firm founded by Donald Wieczorek in 2008 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Purple Valley Capital, Inc. seeks to identify and capture long-term trends in a diversified set of global commodities markets. PVC is registered as both a commodity pool operator (CPO) and commodity trading advisor (CTA) and thus offers investors the option of a pooled investment vehicle (fund) or an individually managed account. We aim to provide all clients long-term capital appreciation with very low correlation to traditional investments. Purple Valley Capital, Inc. utilizes a long-term global macro systematic trend following trading system called Diversified Trend I (DTI). Created by Purple Valley Capital, Inc.'s President Donald Wieczorek, DTI is a trading system that attempts to generate outsized positive returns by using futures contracts to make leveraged bets on price movements in equity, currency, interest rate, and commodity markets. The core of the investment program is to trade with a positive edge, appropriately manage risk, and be consistent. As a trend following trading system, Diversified Trend I enters positions only with the trend, either buying breakouts to enter long trades or selling breakdowns to enter short trades. The trading system cuts losing trades extremely quickly while keeping (and in many cases adding to) winning positions. We do not predict market direction. In fact we never know which trades will be winners and which will be losers when entering the positions, but we do know that markets often exhibit positive serial correlation and tend to trend for a variety reasons, most importantly because of human emotion and the psychology of market participants. By cutting losing positions and letting winners run, our trading system attempts to capture the large trends or "fat tail events" that can occur in financial markets. Thus the system is geared towards being long optionality with positive skewness and option-like payouts.