Quaesta Capital Bond Global

Select Fund

Fund Investment Objectives

The discretionary Bond Global Select strategy is offered as an open-ended UCITS-III investment fund. The Bond Global Select Fund (BGS) seeks to achieve stable positive risk-adjusted returns. Within the basic portfolio the Fund takes a defensive investment approach investing at least 51% of assets in interest-bearing securities, including debt and money market instruments of European Union member states (basis portfolio). The second significant part of the portfolio positioning stems from the opportunistic use of mainly fixed income, equity, and currency derivatives to express directional and relative value market views. Fund reports strategy assets. Background: Quaesta Capital GmbH, the Frankfurt (Germany) based alternative investment specialist, launched UCITS-III Opportunistic/Macro Fund (12. October 2010) with daily liquidity, capitalizing on 5.5 years UCITS-III compliant track record with stable annual net performance. Quaesta Capital was founded 2005 and manages approx. EUR 2 bn.