Quality Capital Management,

Ltd. (Global Diversified)

Fund Investment Objectives

QCM's Flagship product, the GDP, commenced trading in December 1995. The GDP trades 116 exchange-traded Financial and Commodities futures in major exchanges worldwide. The strategy is actively managed and seeks long-term capital appreciation through a highly liquid non-correlated alternative investment. It is designed to be robust always looking for relative opportunities in financial and commodity markets. QCM is best described as a systematic global macro manager. QCM's profile is largely long volatility, taking advantage of directional moves, which is modulated by short volatility elements. The strategy is agnostic in market direction and positions are both long and short. At its core, the strategy takes a long term macro approach in establishing directional bets in each market based on momentum, and continuously rebalances the portfolio through use of a unique proprietary risk allocation model. It does not compromise on return opportunities in the long run bull markets and attempts to bear low correlation with major asset classes such as stocks and bonds. The emphasis is on portfolio management rather than market timing. Controlled leverage is applied on the portfolio, systematically, targeting risk. Both market as well as portfolio risks are actively monitored. By trading only exchange-trade futures, the level of transparency and liquidity in the strategy is taken to the highest level. Reporting Firm Assets May 2014.