Ramsey Quant. Systems Inc.


Fund Investment Objectives

RQSI is a research-driven investment management firm that specializes in the development and trading of systematic programs. Our mission is to develop and implement trading strategies that provide for stability of invested capital, above average returns, and low or no correlation to traditional market indices. RQSI manages over $1 billion USD in assets. The RQSI Managed Futures Product is a purely systematic, global futures fund designed to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to traditional asset classes. Our investment philosophy is based on the premise that futures prices move due to a combination of natural macro-driven capital flows (financial vs. non-financials, stocks vs. bonds and/or flows caused by currency exchange controls) and shorter term supply/demand imbalances in commodities. Further, each market has its own unique patterns and characteristics. Utilizing RQSI's technological strengths to understand these sources of return, the investment strategy is designed to identify and capture alpha from trends, divergences and volatility in the commodity futures markets. The RQSI Managed Futures Product is available in onshore or offshore funds or in a separate account for large investors. This class participates in global futures strategies on a leveraged basis.