RBI Capital


Fund Investment Objectives

RBI Capital Partners, L.P - The Fund's goal is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns by investing long and short in publicly-traded equities (primarily US). The fund's principal strategic focus will be a bottoms-up company specific research combined with technical analysis, with the goal being the efficient allocation of capital to ideas that possess the most compelling reward/risk characteristics. The strategy for uncovering long and short candidates is a four-step process that begins with screens for essential fundamental and technical attributes and includes building individual company financial models to quantify reward potential and reaffirm downside risk, ranking the candidates based on overall reward/risk ratios, and inputting them into a proprietary database. Conviction levels and volatility levels are factored in for each ranked investment and capital is allocated to the most attractive investments. Systematic updates of inputs occur weekly with a view to causing capital to be continually allocated to the most attractive ideas.