Alpin CHF

Fund Investment Objectives

The Fund aims to achieve long-term risk-adjusted growth in the value of the fund assets through investments in exchange-listed and not-exchange-listed, Swiss and foreign equity and debt securities and rights of all kinds, investment funds of all kinds, raw materials (especially precious metals), so-called alternative investments, futures contracts and derivatives. To achieve this, the fund management pursues what is called an absolute return investment style, that is, it intentionally does not compare the fund assets against a relative benchmark (e.g. stock market index) but against an absolute benchmark (e.g. 3-5% absolute growth in value per year in a rolling 5-year average). In selecting its investments, the Fund complies with the guidelines of the Ordinance for the vocational retirement, survivors' and invalidity insurance (BVV2), whereby it can always take advantage of the expansion of investment possibilities (currently Art. 59 BVV2), such as through investments in diversified funds of hedge funds.