Himalaja CHF

Fund Investment Objectives

Reichmuth Himalaja is an investment fund under Swiss law with special risk. As a fund of funds, it invests in various, mostly foreign investment funds or fund-like investment instruments that, in addition to long-only investments, pursue alternative investment strategies or make investments in the alternatives space (generally known as hedge funds or non-traditional funds), whose risks are not comparable to those of securities funds. The investors of Reichmuth Himalaja are therefore expressly referred to the risks explained in the Prospectus. In particular, the investors must be ready and able to accept any - possibly substantial - losses in value. The fund management of Reichmuth Himalaja endeavors to reduce the risks as much as possible through diversification in the investment strategy pursued, careful selection of the underlying target funds, and close monitoring of these funds. Still, it cannot be excluded that, in extraordinary cases, a total loss may occur in individual underlying funds. AUM combines all currency classes and is in USD from the Master Fund.