Matterhorn 24 -I

Fund Investment Objectives

Reichmuth Matterhorn 24 -I aims to achieve long-term capital gains by investing in various managers following specialized strategies. More specifically, Reichmuth Matterhorn 24 -I invests in a heavily concentrated portfolio of alternative assets. The investment strategies of the target funds typically have a long-term investment horizon and a majority of them may invest in illiquid investments. Typically, investments in target funds that pursue this type of investment strategy are associated with minimum holding periods (lock-ups) and limited redeemability. These aspects underscore the long-term nature of the investments made. Reichmuth Matterhorn 24 -I- is a non-traditional investment. As such, the Fund may use derivative financial instruments such as options, futures, interest and forward exchange swaps as well as forward exchange transactions for hedging and investment purposes. In addition, unlike traditional investments, hedge funds may employ leverage, by means of incurring debt, through the use of derivative financial instruments or by short-selling securities (short positions). AUM reflects the aggregate of the various share classes and is reported in USD.