Matterhorn 3 -I

Fund Investment Objectives

The investment goals and investment policy of Reichmuth Matterhorn 3 -I consist of achieving long-term capital gains by selecting various investment managers with specialized strategies. For this purpose, Reichmuth Matterhorn 3-I invests in a diversified portfolio of alternative assets and places investments worldwide in collective investment schemes (hereafter "target funds") that pursue alternative investment strategies or that engage in alternative investments (generally known as "hedge funds" or as "non-traditional" funds). Reichmuth Matterhorn 3 -I-is a non-traditional investment. Non-traditional investment strategies make use of derivative financial instruments such as options, futures, interest and forward exchange swaps, as well as forward exchange transactions for hedging and investment purposes. In addition, unlike traditional investment funds, hedge funds frequently use leverage, by incurring debt, through the use of derivative financial instruments or by short-selling securities (short positions). AUM reflects the aggregate of the various share classes and is reported in USD.