Rho Asset Management AG (Rho

Altius 1XL SP (EUR))

Fund Investment Objectives

The Altius Program's design strategy is aimed at maximizing the Return Efficiency, which is a highly reliable measure of the overall effectiveness of the three crucial choices made in any trading system: when to enter? when to exit? and how much to risk per trade? The Altius Program enhances the Return Efficiency by using selective entries and agile exits in the 44 markets traded. The Altius Program's risk management approach quantifies both, the expected depth in %, and duration in time of potential drawdowns. This two-pronged risk assessment allows the Altius Program to judiciously apply trend sensitive risk allocation. The Altius Program combines traditional breakout-style systems with unique filtering techniques. Entry algorithms are selected to reduce susceptibility to false breakouts. Multiple exit strategies react at different speeds to price activity in an attempt to capture a relatively large proportion of profits from major market moves, in order to avoid the usual drawback of trend based strategies. The Altius Program's goal is to deliver competitive absolute returns on a consistent basis, whilst sustaining a risk profile similar to most equity funds, and hence the entire design process, including system design, trade sizing and market selection is carefully calibrated by estimating both the depth and duration of expected drawdowns. However, there is no guarantee that the Program will achieve its return targets or risk profiles.