Robertson Opportunity Fund


Fund Investment Objectives

Robertson Opportunity Capital employs a concentrated all-cap value strategy with a mid-cap bias and a longer-term horizon. Our flagship, the Robertson Opportunity Fund is accompanied by an offshore feeder, Robertson Opportunity Offshore Fund. The team selects investments through a bottom-up approach emphasizing companies undergoing change. On the long side, we seek out industry leaders with sustainable competitive advantages, clean balance sheets, management integrity and a proven ability to generate substantial free cash flow. We are often attracted by one of the following conditions: investor neglect, misunderstanding, or extreme polarity of opinion. On the short side we focus on several broad categories, including limited market potential businesses, "transition traps," over-optimistic turnarounds, frauds, fads, and weak/leveraged competitors entering a recession or industry-specific downturn. We look across the entire capital structure, including distressed debt securities, for the best risk/reward opportunities. We believe that the Robertson Opportunity discipline provides for substantial after tax wealth compounding while maintaining a low correlation with common benchmarks.