Robinson Income and

Principal Preservation Fund I, LP

Fund Investment Objectives

The Robinson Income & Principal Preservation Fund (RIPPF) invests strategically across the global capital structure (senior bank loans, convertible bonds, preferred stocks, equity income) primarily through the use of closed-end funds to produce a very unique income stream. The yield profile offers an attractive alternative to traditional fixed income portfolios. The Fund utilizes proprietary real-time models to dynamically analyze, rank and identify closed-end fund relative values, NAV premium/discount arbitrage, dividend capture strategies and special situation opportunities. RIPPF can invest up to 20% in low correlation private funds offering high yields in diverse opportunities such as structured insurance settlements, distressed residential mortgages, commercial real estate financing and mezzanine lending. The Fund utilizes carefully weighted long and short exchange traded funds, options, futures and credit default swap positions to hedge equity, interest rate, credit, currency and NAV discount risks. RIPPF's objective is to generate the bulk of its return through its outsized cash flow yield and monetization of discounts.