Robinson-Langley Capital

Management, LLC

Fund Investment Objectives

ROBINSON-LANGLEY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC uses a mechanical trading method which it applies to a diversified portfolio of commodity, domestic and foreign currency, and financial futures markets. By utilizing a systematic trend-following system, RL Capital intends to reduce if not eliminate the emotional and behavioral biases that many times result in second-guessing and indecisiveness in the trading process. This design seeks to eliminate impulsive trading decisions, which we believe have a higher risk of large losses in the long run. By applying a disciplined, long-term approach to the markets, the RL Capital trading program is designed to ignore directionless daily price changes or noise and focus solely on price trend, thus eliminating the challenge of listening to market gurus or following market fundamentals for the purpose of predicting every short-term market movement. Our models have demonstrated consistently in the course of testing that market prices, which may at times seem random, are actually related through time in complex, nonlinear ways. The trading program is designed to take advantage of these relationships not by predicting price changes, but rather by filtering as much of this noise as possible in order to take advantage of burgeoning long-term trends.