Capital Fund LP

Fund Investment Objectives

Rockridge Capital Fund LP is a concentrated, long biased fund with a mandate to produce returns in excess of the market. As opposed to deep value investors who focus on discounts to liquidating value and end up owning weak and deteriorating businesses, RCF focuses on businesses with durable competitive advantages that trade for wide discounts to the value of their free cash flow. Each investment under consideration must first meet rigorous qualitative and quantitative criteria that define high quality businesses. If those criteria are met, then it becomes a matter of expected rates of return versus other opportunities. If those criteria are not met, then price is irrelevant. The fund will infrequently utilize modest leverage and infrequently short stock. The default net exposure is 100% long and the fund typically holds 15-20 investments. Investments are made with a bottoms-up focus and with an intended holding period of 3-5 yrs.