RWC Enhanced Income Fund B

GBP Dist

Fund Investment Objectives

The RWC Enhanced Income Fund aims to deliver a constant annual yield of approximately 7% with capital growth from a portfolio of predominently UK Equities. The 7% yield is achieved through the dividend payments from the equity holdings and through premium income from calls written over the equity holdings. Investors should be aware that some upside in the equity markets maybe capped in order to maintain the steady yield. Underpinning the RWC Enhanced Income Fund is a strong value driven investment approach that takes advantage of valuation anomalies in the equity markets. The team uses normalised earnings and balance sheet adjustment to assess intrinsic value. The fund is predominantly invested in UK Equities but retains the flexibility to invest in overseas equities and bonds to improve the risk-adjusted long-term performance. The fund sells call options to increase the level of income which may cap the upside in dramatically rising markets. AUM reflects strategy assets and is denominated in GBP.