RWC Europe Absolute Alpha

Fund B USD

Fund Investment Objectives

To seek absolute returns whilst tolerating short term volatility. The return will be sought by investing in long and short positions, primarily in European equity and equity related securities.RWC Europe Absolute Alpha is a long-short European equity fund investing across Europe including the UK. It has a fundamental approach to stock selection and aims to derive most of its returns from stock decisions. With a strong valuation bias, the team focuses especially on how earnings and margins are evolving within a company. Net exposure is largely determined by the quality and quantity of long and short ideas. All decisions are made to make absolute returns and therefore most of the long and short book investments are in direct securities. The strategy typically runs with direct equity long and short positions. Gross exposure normally averages 180% and net market exposure ranges from -10% to +60%. The portfolio aims to make significant returns but has a strong risk management approach to mitigate capital losses in extreme environments. AUM reflects strategy assets and is denominated in EUR.