RWC Global Convertibles Fund


Fund Investment Objectives

The RWC Global Convertibles Fund aims to achieve high risk-adjusted returns from a diversified global portfolio of convertible securities. The fund combines four main sources of return: top-down macro and thematic positioning, bottom-up equity security selection, careful credit analysis and the blending of the derivative features of convertibles. RWC Global Convertibles offers investors balanced exposure to the best traits of the convertible bond asset class. The fund is a long-only fund that invests in convertible bonds globally. The fund is not managed against an index although over the long term it aims to outperform the broad convertible bond indices. The fund is managed to have a delta (sensitivity to the equity markets) of approximately 30-50%. One aim of the strategy is to capture 60-70% of the upside in equity markets but only capture 20-30% of the downside. AUM reflects strategy assets and is denominated in EUR.