Salus Alpha Capital Ltd

(Commodity Arbitrage (CAX))

Fund Investment Objectives

The SALUS ALPHA COMMODITY ARBITRAGE STRATEGY invests in the 35 most liquid commodity markets worldwide by trading calendar spreads on a market neutral basis. The strategy employs the 100% systematic Salus Alpha Commodity Arbitrage Model, which is based on statistical optimization, and aims to profit from price inefficiencies prevalent in the global commodity markets. Compared to the financial markets, the commodity markets are inefficient, as market participants on the supply and the demand side are influenced by numerous environmental, geopolitical, and other external factors. Therefore, abundant and recurring pricing imbalances exist both among related commodities ("intercommodity arbitrage") and among different maturities of the same commodity futures contracts ("intracommodity arbitrage"), arising from situations like e.g. short-term supply shortages, seasonality, contango, backwardation, etc. The strategy has the potential to profit from prevalent pricing imbalances, independent of the overall market direction.