SAR Liquid Equity Alpha

Managed Account 1x

Fund Investment Objectives

SAR applies a quantitative intraday mean-reversion strategy to about 2000 of the most liquid US stocks and EFT's. The system is 100% systematic and price driven. It only enters long positions, via limit orders, and simultaneously shorts an equal amount of QQQ's. Positions are either closed out via stop loss, profit target or time exit orders. The order execution is fully computer automated. Two redundant servers are set up in low latency professional server housings. The maximum position size per trade is 1.5% of its trading level and its size is limited to 5% of a stock's average daily trading volume. Maximum loss per trade is limited to .375% of the trading level. There is a maximum of 4 trades per day per stock. The strategy is available via an offshore fund or managed account. Actual inception date is MAY 10, 2010. AUM is not disclosed.