Partners, LLC

Fund Investment Objectives

Saturn Partners' principal objective is the realization of capital appreciation on its assets. Concurrently, Saturn seeks to manage and minimize risks associated with the funds trading strategy in order to capture superior risk adjusted returns. Saturn Partners invests primarily in individual equities using fundamental, technical and momentum analysis in conjunction with monetary and economic conditions. The team creates and modifies existing algorithms for pattern recognition, moving average crossover techniques and volatility breakouts. The management team combines long/short trading methods with fundamental indicators such as sales, return on equity, cash flow and debt into the overall trading strategy. Saturn Partners typically invests in US equities but may also trade in other instruments, including but not limited to options, forward contracts, international equities, commodity futures and options, foreign currency exchange contracts and bonds. Saturn Partners employs leverage for overnight position which is not more than 2:1, using strict stop-loss discipline. The management team ensures that the average core position weighting is 2% with a maximum position of 10% of the portfolio.