Fund Investment Objectives

The Partnership's objective is to maximize risk-adjusted total return through investments which it believes are undervalued by the markets. The Partnership will focus primarily on small capitalization companies and will use fundamental research to find potential investments. The Partnership will invest primarily in companies that are located in Israel or have a substantial connection to Israel either through their conduct of business or the location of their assets. There are several publicly traded companies which are domiciled outside of Israel but conduct much of their research and development in Israel. These companies would be candidates for investment as well. The General Partner expects that a large number of investments will be made in companies operating in the technology sector. Other industries that may present interesting investment opportunities include medical products, biotech, tourism, real estate and retailing. Affiliates of the General Partner have been investing in Israel related companies since 1990. There are several forces that contribute to high level of innovation and technological excellence in Israeli industry. These include a highly educated and diverse workforce, world class research and learning institutions, such as the Weizmann Institute and Technion University, government policies encouraging research and development and export industries. Government subsidies, low tax rates, and lower wages provide a cost advantage to technology companies conducting their research and development in Israel. The devaluation of the Israeli shekel in recent years has contributed to this cost advantage as well. LOCKUP: Soft-Lock, an investor can redeem after the first quarter but they must pay a fee.