Seven Capital Management

(Seven Absolute Return Fund)

Fund Investment Objectives

The SEVEN ABSOLUTE RETURN fund is a diversified long/short, UCITS III French open ended fund (FCP), regulated by the Autorite des Marches Financiers (AMF). Seven Absolute Return offers a liquid and innovative investment solution using alternative techniques in a strictly regulated environment. The fund develops investment strategies across diversified asset classes to provide returns decorrelated from the main world indices. The fund offers weekly liquidity. Seven Absolute Return 's objective is to deliver superior absolute returns on the recommended investment horizon, with a volatility centered around 8%. The investment strategy consists in a strict analysis of market risks, across all asset classes, followed by a quantitative and methodical risk allocation taking into account the volatility objectives of the fund. Allocations and positions are constantly reviewed and rebalanced, taking into account the risk levels of each separate market, using the GRAATM process (GlobalRisk Asset Management). The GRAATM is an alternative quantitative investment process developed internally and permanently optimized through recurrent research efforts. The French Ministry of Research has awarded the label 'Jeune Entreprise Innovante' (Innovative Young Company) to SEVEN Capital Management for its innovative approach to asset management.