European Equity Fund

Fund Investment Objectives

Seven European Equity Fund offers new asset management solutions through an innovative conception of risk management techniques using Global Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA) derived into a Global Risk Asset Allocation Process (GRAA). The Fund uses extensive and innovative techniques in equity allocation looking for the best equilibrium on sector and markets to maximize the return of equity portfolio in a clear and transparent investment universe: reallocation of the portfolio due to the equity asset class and its components evolution; use of the best investment supports in each equity class having a maximum liquidity; looking for the best opportunities in global available investment vectors. Stable objectives for a draw down around 15% and a return target between 80% and 120% of European Equity Market. The allocation is optimized through a risk analysis process. Constant analysis of the Value at Risk in tactical and strategic levels in order to reach optimal performance/risk ratio. We are able to identify risks through global Value at Risk matrices in order to give investors a clear and numerical view of the statistical characteristics of the Fund. The Fund incepted January 15, 2007.