Sevenoaks Opportunities Fund

L.P. Class B

Fund Investment Objectives

Consistent and positive returns on an annual basis are the primary objective of the Sevenoaks Opportunities Fund LP. A guiding focus of the Fund will be on achieving maximum growth in capital markets through superior security selection (long and short) and by pursuing a long-term program of stock selection aimed at capital gains. Sevenoaks is as committed to capital preservation as to capital growth. The firm has implemented several layers of risk control to eliminate negative volatility in individual holdings and the fund in general. The Sevenoaks Opportunities Fund LP has a small to mid-bias in the long portion of the partnership. The short portion of the hedge fund will be inclusive of all companies, regardless of market capitalization. The Fund will select investments from across any sector of the economy (sector weightings will be limited to 30 per cent) this will ensure prudent portfolio diversification. The Fund is available to Canadian residents only.