SFP Value Realization Fund

Ltd. Class A

Fund Investment Objectives

The Fund combines value investing with proactive company engagement to execute its unique engaged value investing strategy. We hold substantial stakes in high-quality, underpriced Japanese companies and work in a friendly and constructive manner with company management to catalyze value enhancing events. We believe this is the most effective way to consistently generate alpha in Japanese public equity markets. The Fund specializes in the bottom up fundamental analysis of Japanese companies. We select potential targets through a proprietary quantitative screen process. We augment this with exhaustive fundamental research using our proprietary valuation and financial analysis models. Our research includes due diligence on company management as well as its customers, suppliers and competitors. Extensive senior management interviews are also used to assess the company's willingness and ability to work with us in catalyzing value enhancing changes at the company. The Fund invests in an unlevered and concentrated portfolio of approximately 15 deep value, small to mid cap companies. 1 year soft lock-up. AUM reflects the aggregate of the onshore and offshore vehicles and is denominated in USD.