Shared Enlightenment, Inc.

(CopulaMax NetCreditOps I)

Fund Investment Objectives

The COPULAMAX NETCREDITOPS I program emphasizes the implementation of options writing strategies and advanced, in-house developed trade and risk management methodologies. The CopulaMax NetCreditOps programs are traded in a very selective, opportunistic manner and positions are typically held for periods of time varying from a few hours to several weeks or months. Options time decay typically works in the trader's favor. Gains are correlated with the trader's ability to foresee favorable directional movement (up, down or sideways) of price and volatility in underlying instruments and to engage in trends. Strategies deployed may involve various combinations of underlying commodity futures and futures options contracts. A key component of the trade and risk management methodology is selection of deep OTM options strikes facilitated by low commissions for maximal premium with consideration of technical factors including multiple support and resistance levels on charts and developments in related markets as well as fundamental factors including global market supply and demand.