Sharpe+Signa LLC (Managed


Fund Investment Objectives

SHARPE+SIGNA is a boutique FX manager that specializes in discretionary, technical, quantitative and fundamental investment strategies in a global macro setting focused on currencies, both emerging and major markets with superior risk-management being the foundation of all strategies. SHARPE+SIGNA uses the combination of diverse discretionary and quantitative trading strategies as well as money management techniques that only experience and institutional level preparation can provide. It is quite imperative to note ahead of time that we adapt each strategy to existing and current market conditions since no strategy exists that will be profitable during all market conditions at all times. In addition to managing our strategic entry points, SHARPE+SIGNA also adapts itself to market conditions to ensure that its trading decisions are based on factors that move the market at that specific time. Adaptation to these environments is done through the analysis of shorter time frames using a combination of mathematical formulae that provide an indication of which direction the market may head to next and as always, mathematical algorithms and technical indicators can only be as good as the analyst or trader that is interpreting them. The research team under the direction of our analysts is a key component of SHARPE+SIGNA. SHARPE+SIGNA also implements an astute understanding of market psychology as the market is made up of many different traders, ranging from small retail traders to big institutional banks and sovereign funds; this is also known as "crowd trading". This is also the reason technical analysis has been so successful, especially within a macro trading environment when macro forces are the main components in moving price. Throughout the years of experience, our analysts and traders have had the privilege of working with some of the most exceptional traders, analysts, developers and executives which over the years has expanded greatly and thus allowing our team to discuss on a macro level as to what these large conglomerate banking institutions and trade desks have in terms of ideas for an ever changing market. Disciplined money management is an absolute necessity when it comes to Fund Management, as any good trade can turn into a bad one within minutes. The SHARPE+SIGNA team makes certain that each trade is carefully monitored at all times as overall position and account risk management is overseen constantly by a manifold of custom developed programs and algorithmic tools that allows SHARPE+SIGNA to examine open position risk and historical performance metrics. Money management and risk management are the utmost indispensable elements of the trading methodologies that run SHARPE+SIGNA.