Signet Global Fixed Income

Fund Class M GBP

Fund Investment Objectives

The primary objective of the Signet Global Fixed Income Fund is to preserve investor capital while generating positive annual returns equivalent to, or in excess of, LIBOR plus 4-8% with relatively low volatility and limited correlation to market movements affecting traditional asset classes. The Fund invests in a diversified group of underlying managers deploying a range of complementary fixed-income related investment strategies. These include loans, investment-grade government debt, corporate bonds and emerging-market debt such as high yield and distressed investment opportunities. Further, the Fund includes derivative and OTC expressions of interest rates, sovereign and corporate credit spreads and interest rate and credit volatility. The Funds underlying investments are based on a combination of forward-looking, top-down selection of economic and market drivers and detailed bottom-up manager selection and risk assessment in order to generate return and mitigate risk.