Signet Global Fixed Income

Fund Dividend Class GBP

Fund Investment Objectives

The Signet Global Fixed Income Fund's primary objective is to preserve investor capital while generating annual positive returns equivalent to or in excess of the equity premium over cash. The Signet Global Fixed Income Fund's secondary objective is to do so with relatively low volatility and limited correlation to market movements affecting traditional asset classes. These objectives will be met primarily through the allocation of assets to specialised fixed income-related Underlying Funds managed by Portfolio Managers who specialise in fixed income investment strategies. The Signet Global Fixed Income Fund will make such investments on the basis of the Investment Manager's assessment of the ability and expertise of these Portfolio Managers, taking advice from the Investment Advisor. The goal is to capture directional moves and relative value in the fixed-income and/or related markets - including currencies, gold and other commodities, and equities. The Investment Manager seeks to identify Underlying Funds that have demonstrated excellent results and that have tended to be able to profit during bull or bear markets as well as trading-range markets. Since global fixed-income markets may from time to time be characterised by periods of volatility and by diminished liquidity, the Investment Manager may periodically invest outside of global fixed-income strategies where this is deemed to be appropriate to preserve investor capital or enhance investor returns.