Silicon Valley Quantitative

Advisors (UQP Small)

Fund Investment Objectives

US QUANTITATIVE PORTFOLIO (UQP) is a fully systematic trading program using only US exchange based, US Dollar denominated futures contracts with no exposure to stock index products. It is not a pure trend follower. The Small Program trades accounts less than $500,000 with a $200,000 minimum. Per the NFA, the following disclosures appear in the SVQuant Disclosure Document: 1) From November 1999 through August 2001 and January 2006 through March 2009 SVQuant traded only proprietary and non-customer funds in the Small Account UQP program. 2) From April 2008 to present SVQuant is registered with the CFTC under NFA ID: 0311607. 3) On October 31, 2011 MF Global Inc (MFGI) went into SIPA bankruptcy. A significant number of SVQuant UQP accounts were held at MFGI. In December 2011 approximately 72% of account values previously at MFGI were released to their owners, i.e. SVQuant clients. Previous fully funded accounts began trading in December at a notional funding of ~72% or less.. 4) All annual and year-to-date rates-of-return are computed on a compounded monthly basis. 5) Accounts did not pay 1.2% management fee due to full waiver or temporary fee waiver