Silk Arab Falcons Fund

(Institutional) EUR

Fund Investment Objectives

The assets in the Silk Arab Falcons Fund are mainly invested in shares from the Middle East and the African continent in accordance with the principle of risk-spreading. The Subfund may also invest in further transferable securities as defined in article 41 (1) a) to d) of the Luxembourg Law of 20 December 2002. The countries on which the Subfund's investments focus are Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt and Morocco, Oman, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai etc). The fund management company's board of directors will ensure that these countries possess regulated markets or stock markets as defined in article 4 no. 1 a) of the Fund Management Regulations. The Subfund is also permitted to invest up to 10 per cent of the Subfund's assets in securities that are either not listed on a stock exchange or are traded in another regulated market. The Subfund may also acquire the following assets along with the other assets under article 4 no. 3 of the Fund Management Regulations: Stocks that are not listed on a stock exchange or traded on another regulated market ,open regulated real estate and hedge funds, non-directive-compliant regulated commodities funds, Delta-1 certificates to commodities, precious metals, hedge funds and real estate ETFs.