Silvercrest Emerging Markets


Fund Investment Objectives

The Silvercrest Emerging Markets Fund seeks to achieve long-term, above-average returns by taking advantage of the expected economic growth of global emerging capital markets and is designed to offer much greater downside protection than long-only emerging market strategies. The Fund provides international exposure and diversification, while providing access to non-dollar equity and fixed-income strategies. The Fund is allocated to a diversified group of high quality managers who invest primarily in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa/Middle East and Asia. The selected managers pursue their strategies primarily by investments in stocks, bonds, options, currencies, futures contracts, derivative instruments (including mortgage-backed obligations and interest rate and currency swaps) and money market instruments issued by companies and governments in the global emerging capital markets. The selection of managers is based on qualitative and quantitative analysis of the manager's skill, risk management and value added to the overall Fund. AUM combines both onshore and offshore funds and is reported in USD.