Southwest Mngd Invest., LLC

(Global Diversified)

Fund Investment Objectives

The general trading strategy of the GLOBAL DIVERSIFIED PROGRAM is trend following. No fundamental analysis is used. The strategy is not based on analysis of supply and demand factors, general economic factors or world events. The SWMI model generates its own entry and exit signals and trades both long and short. The SWMI model is very long term in time-frame focus. The SWMI model has good performance characteristics across a wide range of markets. Approximately 28 domestic and international commodity interests are traded. Six of these are either long or short interest rate contracts reflecting interest rates in Europe, the US and Australia. All markets are traded with equal parameters. SWMI reserves the right to make adjustments in the exact entry or exit price the program uses, or to delay entry or exit on any order, in order to attempt to reduce the impact of slippage. The balance of the commodity interests followed are currencies, grains, metals, softs and energies. The SWMI program utilizes one long-term time-frame model. It should be noted that there will be times when there is significant correlation between markets within a market sector or between market sectors, possibly in an adverse direction to positions held in the client's account.