SSARIS Advisors, LLC (Active

Commodity Strategy)

Fund Investment Objectives

SSARIS ACTIVE COMMODITY STRATEGY is a systematic program which uses price series and momentum analysis to actively manage a portfolio of commodity futures contracts. It provides a value added or alpha above passive long only commodity benchmarks while being statistically non-correlated to the passive indexes. SSARIS employs a mathematical algorithm to determine the direction of approximately 20 commodity markets worldwide. It is the same algorithm that the principals of SSARIS have successfully used to manage long and short positions in its Diversified Trading Program since 1983. This strategy will assume a position in a commodity only when the algorithm signal is long. Otherwise, the strategy remains neutral the market. A proprietary volatility model is used to determine the appropriate absolute dollars at risk in each market held in the portfolio in order to equalize profit and loss potential across all markets and eliminate the concentration risk inherent in many publicly available indexes. The portfolio is periodically rebalanced to adjust the exposure of each market relative to other markets in the portfolio. The resulting portfolio provides exposure to a diversified basket of commodities, is non-correlated to publicly available commodity indexes, and offers a more efficient expected return stream.