Steelhead Navigator Fund,


Fund Investment Objectives

The Fund is a fundamental value, long/short U.S. equities hedge fund. In managing the strategy, Steelhead seeks to identify a core portfolio of companies that are valued below what Steelhead believes to be their "intrinsic value." Steelhead uses a research method that focuses on the income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet of the companies in which it invests. The strategy is relatively long term in nature, with a typical time horizon of two to five years. Steelhead may also employ two additional strategies: (a) active trading of securities that Steelhead believes have been oversold or overbought on the basis of short-term considerations and (b) short selling for hedging, pairs trades, or trading gains. Although the fundamental value strategy generally emphasizes investments in equity securities (or securities with equity-like characteristics), Steelhead generally may invest or trade in any type of securities, including bonds, notes, convertible bonds or preferred stock, warrants, options and money market instruments among other financial instruments.