Striker-Equity Mkt Ntrl US

Dollar Hedge - USD Shares

Fund Investment Objectives

Striker-Equity Mkt Ntrl US Dollar Hedge - USD Class is a long/short Brazilian hedge fund that seeks to generate returns by investing in a long portfolio of value stocks and selling short the Bovespa Index Futures contracts on a beta-neutral basis. The Fund employs a bottom-up, value-based approach to investing in mid and small-cap Brazilian equities. The investment process is research driven and focuses on in-depth fundamental analysis within a risk management framework. The Fund utilizes an active investment style and, as such, seeks to develop close relationships with company management and participate on the fiscal boards of portfolio companies. Investments are typically longer term. The Fund seeks to generate alpha by reducing the exposure to the Brazilian equity market via the shorting of the Bovespa index. The Fund utilizes a proprietary risk management system that calculates betas on a dynamic basis to determine the quantity of contracts to be sold. Additionally, currency is hedged to preserve US dollar returns. The fund's actual inception date is March 4, 2005.